Watershot PRO Housing for iPhone 7 Limpet Shell Flat Lens Port only

An ergonomic right hand grip and a wrist lanyard affords improved handling and security in all water conditions. Dimensions: l 6. 7" x w 3. 7" x d 2. 0" 17cm x 9. 4cm x 5. 0cm weight: 08lbs. Depth rated to 195ft/60m the iphone is fully suspended within the Housing ensuring that the phone and screen are effectively shielded from abrasion, impact and external pressure.

This integrated mounting plate will accommodate the Watershot Accessory PRO Mount for utilizing endless Go-Pro mounting options, the Watershot Pistol Grip and the Watershot Lighting Tray. Housing features an optical quality Glass interchangeable - Flat Lens Port, optional Wide Angle Lens Port and Super Dome Port.

Optical grade Glass Lens Elements. Depth rating: 195ft/60m. The camera housing features a prominent, robust and simple integrated metal mounting plate. The watershot iphone 7 pro is an exceptionally robust, professional Underwater Camera Housing for the iPhone 7. This is not a case. Compatible with Apple iPhone 7.

5 conductive pressure Buttons, 1 Home button - optimize still & video functions.

Watershot Buoyant Lanyard for iPhone Housing

Brightly colored strap makes it easier to see. Simple to install onto your housing, this accessory will provide you additional peace of mind. Easily and securely attaches to housing. If you become separated from your Watershot for iPhone housing, the Watershot Buoyant Lanyard ensures it is easier to find on the water’s surface.

Keeps water shot with iPhone afloat.

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